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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] China sporting goods industry in crisis is an indisputable fact. The first article in this series has been the financial data from the point of view of the status of the industry of the sort. Clear inventory, optimizing channel structure presumably will be the main theme of the last two years. But after the completion of these two sports brands are able out of the shadows? We are skeptical. After all, the sky changed! After the first two years of rapid expansion, the domestic sporting goods market has shifted from a seller's buyer's market, in this era of oversupply, product sales more dependent on timely cater to consumers. Thus, faster supply chain seems to be a bright road. However, this road is flat or zigzag? We of two. ordering system reform to speed up the supply chain sporting goods listed generally divided into similar seasons, each season-to-market process, but different starting and ending time. Anta, for example, time to market: in the first quarter to early January; the second quarter by the end of March to early April; the third quarter to the end of June early July; in the fourth quarter to the end of September early October. Accordingly, the order will be held four times a year, it held some time in the previous six months to launch new products every quarter. Generate ordering system cheap jordans online from the wholesale model. Resellers (channel) needs ago quarterly sample products before deciding the next single, the distributor of brands on order to organize production, the production of complete matched to the terminal sales. Currently, the sports brand on the domestic market (including Nike and Adidas) models are used mainly wholesale sales, so ordering system will continue to exist for a long time. From the left, we can see part of the order will be occupied before and after 70 days or so. Can shorten the time of this stage now, the difficulty is not small, but some brands are making efforts to:? Adidas last two years are presented in the earnings report, to its "Clover" and "NEO" two sub-brands made fast fashion brand, the product cycle goal shortened to 60 days, and the two brands of supply chain integration experience, vigorously shorten its professional sports products (Adidas Sports Performance) to market cycles. In order to improve the efficiency of ordering and Adidas are implementing virtual ordering tool (Virtual Sell-in Tool). Adidas claimed in the earnings report, the tool enables Adidas comprehensive display of all product samples to distributors who can and distributors from online orders; on the one hand this tool can speed up the time to market (savings held in line entity under orders of the time), on the other hand can reduce the cost of the sample show cheap jordans for sale mens ing. Adidas expects 2013 to popularize the system to the world 60% of distributors. If the distributor can sit at your computer at any time according to their own sales orders or Tuibu single, which obviously can greatly shorten product launch cycle. But the interview, we find that this system is not popular in mainland China. Li Ning in ordering institutional changes seem more practical. According to its earnings report revealed that on the basis of retaining the original model on order, Li Ning upgrade the enterprise planning system and market data analysis system, based on both launched a rapid response SKU product lines and the best combination of (A +) product. Li Ning, the company claims, by rapid reaction product line, distributors can replenishment for some hot models; in different areas of the market after the data analysis, the Li Ning to the regional distributors SKU recommend ordering the best combination of products, such products composition more in line with local consumption habits, so that the distributor's sales more smoothly. Li Ning, the plan to build a kind of "inertia best-selling SKU replenishment orders + + rapid reaction products," the dominant retail subscription model. We believe that although the distribution system in the form of the decision ordering the inevitability, but ordering patterns can be changed through innovative ordering methods to achiev cheap jordan shoes for men e the purpose of shortening product life cycle is not impossible. Ordering is a core part of the supply chain, after the impact of changes arising from the link ends is bound forward conduction, the front is a product design and development, backend manufacturing. We found that the product design and production point of view and can not be separated, especially from the perspective of shortening product cycles, the impact of both its consistency. simplify the design and production to accelerate supply chain I do not know if you have not noticed one detail: Nike and Adidas products in recent years increasingly simple form, and color trends fan. Footwear products from the point of view, looks more and more close, fabric applications are converging, but more and more rich color. Basketball shoes, for example, the former stars have a different endorsements exclusive sneakers, these shoes styles, technology applications are also different. And now, the stars are more like foot shoes. This phenomenon has been some industry insiders agree. We interpret this phenomenon from four perspectives: first, many styles of development needs the support of new technology, and in the context of the global economic downturn, increased R & D investment is clearly uneconomic; second, whether active or passive, consumers of technical pursuit has turned digital experiences by the physical experience, cheap foamposites which also proved why Nike and Adidas increased R & D efforts to digitization, such as digital products NIKE +, NIKE Fuelband, ADIDAS miCoatch and other emerging ; third, in the Chinese market, strong purchasing power and the older part of consumers goodbye to basketball, football and other basic sports, began to get involved in outdoor sports and outdoor brands thereby causing the rise affected, Nike and Adidas positioning to young, rich colors tend not difficult to understand; fourth, minimalist design makes production more difficult to drop, to shorten the production cycle means to accelerate the supply chain reactions. enhance the versatility of the material, reducing SKU complexity, this seems to be the consensus of the sports brand. One to save production costs, and secondly to accelerate the reaction speed of the supply chain. throughout the supply chain information sharing? Hard! Many people suggested that poor information is one of the main supply chain unresponsive. We quite agree with this statement. Examples of sporting goods industry due to the exchange of information arising from the loss of numerous poor. But how to make a smooth flow of information, this is a broad question, we can only try to do some of the discussions. For now, the infrastructure of information communication between brands and the terminal is not bad, most of the sporting goods retail shops Cheap air jordans for sale have information systems. As long as brands like, information retail terminals can be faster feedback. The key is to establish an effective feedback system and feedback information analysis and processing capabilities. Li Ning stressed the importance of feedback and data analysis in its 2012 earnings report, and said: The Group is starting to build a leading retail business model to adapt effective supply chain and logistics support systems to enhance rapid response capability. This description and Adidas in the supply chain strategy is very similar expressions. Visible, rapid response supply chain seems to be a way out of sports brands. The rapid response supply chain is not only limited to between brands and terminals, we believe, is the key to the supply chain between manufacturers and brands accelerated. We do this a guess: OEM manufacturers to see the brand's real-time sales data, so that it can discover which products are coming out, and which products are unmarketable, thereby adjusting production strategies, best-selling models to produce more, produce less slow-moving models. Such a state is clearly to make the production and marketing more efficient and significantly reduce inventory risk. Academic to say that this is the MRP procurement model to VMI procurement model change. But this pattern forming short time is difficult, because there are too many difficulties, we sum Retro jordans for sale marized in one sentence: information flow, capital flow and logistics three streams not harmonious. While watching difficult, but a bright future is attractive, so many brands are leading to retail (terminal information in real time throughout the supply chain, resulting in positive synergy) business model transformation. And Direct, is clearly the fastest in the form of information penetrating. Direct expansion to accelerate the supply chain? Premature Direct and distributors, each have pros and cons, which one is better not jump to conclusions. However, the speed of the flow of information that is more dominant Direct. The past two years, Nike and Adidas are two sporting goods giants are vigorously promoting its Direct business Direct business accounted for 16% of Nike's reached, Adi higher than 23%. But it is worth mentioning that the Direct business accounted for two brands in China are lower than elsewhere in the world. Visible on the Chinese market, Belle, Bao Sheng, RLT and other large distributors remains the dominant industry. In our view, at least give the supply chain to accelerate Direct brings the following advantages: a more direct and rapid feedback; 2 By facing consumers, brands can more accurately grasp the market, and thus more effective. arrangements for production; 3. Direct business can carry out all aspects of ordering, logistics, store selection, pers cheap jordans for sale onnel management role play exercise; 4. Direct can build a better brand image (flagship stores, concept stores), but also quickly clear inventory (discount stores, factory stores). Domestic sports brand Li Ning is the highest proportion in Direct (22%), which may make its supply chain to accelerate more smoothly. Because of the huge investment, operation and management capabilities for enterprise requirements, Direct business sports brand has always been the challenge, in addition to Li Ning, the other domestic sports brands in this regard is still in the trial stage, the business accounted for more than small. Direct business growth will be a long process, and accelerate the supply chain is a response to industry crisis of medium-term strategy, so expect the growth of direct marketing services to accelerate the supply chain is not realistic, more efficient collaboration and distribution provider relationship is the key. In the eyes of many industry analysts, Anta's growth is higher than Li Ning, Anta dealer ranks mainly because most of them are his own and culture, there is a high loyalty, ease of control. We might be able to understand this: the more obedient distributors, supply chain reaction sooner. Adi 2008, 2009 channel reconstruction planning purposes it is in this, when it cut a lot difficult to manage dealers, to support a number of more cooperation dealers. We believ Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping e that although Direct business model may be more conducive to speed up the response speed of the supply chain, but the movement is far from mature products Direct business, it now appears, to optimize more practical cooperation with the dealer. Transition direction: Accelerating Supply Chain In the study, Nike, Adidas and Li Ning's strategy formulation, we believe that the retail-led business model will be the future direction of sports brand's transformation. In order to more quickly meet consumer demand, sports brands have to speed up the response speed of the supply chain optimization products simultaneously. Supply chain must accelerate to pull time from every aspect of the product life cycle which, while ordering, design and production is the most central of the three links. At this stage, through reform and optimize the design and production of the order system to accelerate supply chain is feasible, but the information sharing and expand Direct both ways is not yet mature, feasibility is not strong. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp;)back in early January this year, the Internet has exposed NEW BALANCE 2012 winter quarter Backpack series of spy series, launched a total of 5 different types of color M574 Retro Running shoes. named Backpack, which is derived from the name of inspiration in Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping daily life back to a single product, with the most common backpack nylon instead of suede shoes to build body, even the details of the location but also use breathable mesh nylon, the tongue no past classic models instead of the label, but is more prevalent in the backpack design pig nose "details, heel CR is ever present solid device to suede fabric, full of surprises, which is rarely orange the most noteworthy, you are interested in the Backpack series NB fans don't pay more attention. source: FRESSNGOOD the Olympic Games is not only the highest event of human sports competition, but also a grand meeting for the free competition of major sporting goods brands. The NIKE company launched a pair called Nike Air Max 90 "London" shoes, meaning London salute, to the Olympic salute. Thick air cushion on the heel, you can see the strong technical level of NIKE company. Then see the soles, it can not help but admire NIKE company's originality, red, yellow, blue, green, black outline of the Olympic elements, so that people at a glance. Olympic war is approaching, whether you also do fitness ready for it, as if in boots and upset, do not hesitate, it is. source: sneakernews In October 30th , the well-known fashion shoes thinking Q to Korean popular supermodel IRENE KIM first tribute spring 2016 shoe trends conference. Release fashion s Retro jordans for sale how 45 2016S/S shoes by Kimi Q and Korean designer to create, once released, immediately aroused the scene industry commotion and wonder, and the thinking Q show stage design has become the hot focus of the conference. 1: 3D stereo image countdown with the countdown fifteen seconds bell, 3D stereo images in T stage, 22 meters and 16 meters wide, 5.8 meters high on the background of vivid 3D stereo images of the scene of the guests stayed to see. , secondly, flying dream of paper airplane Have you seen colorful paper planes appear in the conference site? Bold and innovative thinking Q do, but also do hit off paper airplane designers, in the show across the beautiful arc, set off another hi point conference. , of course, in addition to the "surface", "meaning" can be the "Cinderella travel" as the theme of the conference to fashion shoes, crystal shoes and choreography video as inspiration to the public are showing a "crystal shoe of the prince's Palace - Call - Cinderella Metamorphosis" in three chapters, respectively with Kimi Q2016 new shoes three series of corresponding. Whether the image or model, give a person a kind of pursuit of fashion fearless self-confidence, every step has stepped out of thinking Q new conference theme style -- new ideas on female fashion. Follow up interview at press conference - Korean designer scene, South Korean designers said: "China has many outstanding designers in recent years in the rise, the distinctive design style and features, there are many worthy of our place.". It's a pleasure to be able to come to China this time and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with Chinese designers in the future." in cooperation with Q to talk about the thinking their occupation development will bring help, South Korean designers said: Thank you very much thinking Q can find us and work with us, to bring the experience of Korea Chinese process, but also to a lot of things from Kimi Q brand high school, through the cooperation, they are great the improvement in all aspects. for the cooperation with Kimi Q expectations, South Korean designers said that the thinking and Q cooperation, the main audience is thinking of Q in Chinese)Recently, the well-known online trading platform eBay and discovered a Air Jordan 5 Oregon PE, the Jordan Brand for the Oregon basketball team tailored vamp featured superior texture of nubuck leather crafted, with yellow trim, heel shoe buckle and iconic shark teeth, tongue and heel, respectively the big yellow duck that the identity of O and. Interested friends may pay more attention to this section, the current price of 77608 yuan. air-jordan-5-oregon-pe-rare-without-pe-stitching-01.jpg (57.54 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Oregon PE 5 price auction 2015-7-14 16:09 upload air-jordan-5-oregon-pe-rare-without-pe-stitching-02.jpg (98.44 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Oregon PE 5 price auction 2015-7-14 16:09 upload air-jordan-5-oregon-pe-rare-without-pe-stitching-03.jpg (55.02 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan Oregon PE 5 price auction 2015-7-14 16:10 upload air-jordan-5-oregon-pe-rare-without-pe-stitching-04.jpg (75.5 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Oregon PE 5 price auction 2015-7-14 16:10 upload air-jordan-5-oregon-pe-rare-without-pe-stitching-05.jpg (81.62 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Oregon PE 5 price auction 20Earlier we exposed the new combat weapon Nike Soldier 9 Summit Lake Hornets today once again usher in the spy. This section selects the Hornets charming theme by purple black Posite Hyperfuse vamp collocation, at the same time by the blue dotted shoes. And help shoes again added a magic stick to ensure comfort and stability, while Fuse is more effective to enhance the upper shoe body permeability and lightweight design, flanking it is by means of the design of the 12 LeBron, I believe this in practice will have better performance. nike-lebron-soldier-9-summit-lake-hornets-1.jpg (42.83 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Soldier 9 Summit Lake Hornets once again exposed 2015-5-26 05:27 upload nike-lebron-soldier-9-summit-lake-hornets-2.jpg (49.65 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Soldier 9 Summit Lake Hornets once again exposed 2015-5-26 05:27 upload nike-lebron-soldier-9-summit-lake-hornets-3.jpg (61.3 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Soldier 9 Summit Lake Hornets once again exposed 2015-5-26 05:27 upload stability, theme, Nike, magic 00Nike Basketball Charles Barkley Air Max2 to create the signature boots CB 94 once again usher in a new design, the designer from the Japanese monster movie series Godzilla design inspirations, the green skins and lines made this classic boots coat, at the same time, insole outsole are printed with the details of the Godzilla closely theme. item: 821923-001 release date: November 19th nike-air-max-cb-94-godzilla.jpg (195.86 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Godzilla 2015-11-17 09:46 upload nike-air-max-cb-94-godzilla-4.jpg (544.03 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Godzilla 2015-11-17 09:46 upload nike-air-max-cb-94-godzilla-5.jpg (304.86 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Godzilla 2015-11-17 09:46 upload nike-air-max-cb-94-godzilla-1.jpg (238.79 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Godzilla 2015-11-17 09:46 upload nike-air-max-cb-94-godzilla-2.jpg (214.95 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Godzilla 2015-11-17 09:46 upload nike-air-max-cb-94-godzilla-6.jpg 0

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