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In the official photos, the products are divided into four colors: ocean blue, mysterious silver, dream powder and sky blue. The chip has an outdoor positioning accuracy of about 5 meters and is equipped with a 520mAh battery. When using, turn the right foot insole, pull out the groove cushion, insert the chip into the fixed slot. This is one of the two ways in which children's intelligent anti lost shoes handle chips.

shoes Market

for today's Chinese children's market, high quality strong brand is still a big gap, and brand building is still in the initial stage of exploration. After 2005, with the abolition of clothing tariffs, the brand of children's clothing will become the key to the sustainable development of China's children's wear industry.

Chinese after accession to the world trade organization, the foreign exchange frequently makes the economic development of our country has been improved greatly, the development of the market is faced with hitherto unknown opportunities and challenges, especially the competitive strength of the children's market is relatively weak. In general, the development of China children's shoes and apparel enterprises are still not perfect, to shape the brand image of the building and there are still many problems, resulting in the domestic brand. With Italy, South Korea, France and other international brands into the market Chinese strong children Everfount, on China market competing situation undoubtedly give Chinese clothing enterprises to create brand and learning opportunities, at the same time, also let the children China market has entered the stage of development.

face strong competition of international brands, China children shoes enterprises begin to pay attention to their own comprehensive strength and enhance brand value, especially the attention of children's shoes enterprises. As we all know, people's shoes quality requirements for hundreds of years, whether it is adult shoes or children's shoes, quality is always shaping the brand's first hurdle. In this regard, the major enterprises such as a withdrawal, there is not much competitive advantage, so the focus of enterprise development is still in the shoe personalized brand image shape. In recent years, homogeneityphenomenon of so many shoe enterprises complain incessantly, so that more and more enterprises pay more attention to the difference of the product production and marketing. Guangzhou morning children's products Co., Ltd. multi brand management model, I believe that many businesses are learning from the example.
High performance integrated enterprise
morning children as a set of design, production and sales as one, under the banner of the Fido Dido and Betty, so the dog is very popular among consumers of the brand shoes. As a children's shoes enterprises, the morning has a number of loyal customers and excellent product design and development team, quickly and continuously create the most outstanding products, is committed to the development of creative products, fashion, to please consumers.

positioning of brand products, the morning children have another set of strategies, according to the different brands of representative image to develop. Fido Dido, a cool appearance and personality independence, a sports and leisure dress, style positioning in the "sports, leisure and outdoor"; Betty, in a sexy, sweet, cute in a style, located in the beautiful princess, lady, "; and do you dog as a morning its own brand, inspired by the life style, located in the" personality, unique, South Korea and japan". Remove the accurate positioning, the morning will be the three brands together to store ways to consumers, which makes the morning in both the number of brands at the same time, the effective integration of resources, to achieve a breakthrough.

"quest, forever"

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