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with the autumn wind four, running when sweating is cold wind blowing up feeling uncomfortable, even may lead to a cold, how to solve it? It is recommended to prepare a running windcoat, which is a very thin "skin coat" with a quick dry T - shirt to make your running more comfortable.

should be noticed in the fall running? Clothes: the early autumn, the temperature gradually decreased, wear white thin clothing. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the temperature decreased, should be timely to add clothes, so as not to catch a cold.

diet: first of all, it should be moist. After the fall, less rainfall, air drying, easy to cause the throat, nasal dryness, skin astringent "dry disease", we should drink boiling water, tea.


[winter running breathing skills]
How to use the
winter mouth: in general should also pay attention to mouth micro Zhang, the tip of the tongue against the palate, let the cold air suction mouth from the tip of the tongue on both sides of the detour, we can have a heating process of cold air, avoid direct inhalation of the trachea, causing coughing, discomfort. Exhale, release the tongue from the palate, let the hot air from the mouth spit out smoothly. There is no need in summer.

before running:

[what food to eat before running]

before running, in order to avoid gastrointestinal pain after running or running, we recommend that we should have some low fiber fruit or vegetables before running, such as zucchini, tomatoes, olives, grapes and grapefruit. Please tell us the running enthusiasts around ~

warming up exercises in sports knowledge: warming up before competition can stimulate the excitement of the central nervous system, and establish certain coordination between the various organs and organs of the body, all of which are achieved through warm-up. Jogging and warm-up exercises can increase the body's body temperature, and the coordination, extensibility and elasticity of the muscles will be improved. Fatigue, muscle stiffness and pain, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, or even no desire to go on if the warm-up is not sufficient.

before running in the morning should not eat food, not fasting, generally speaking, before the 500ML warm morning run, there are no conditions on the condition of collocation of honey, a small piece of chocolate, warm water can Runsang and prevent blood viscosity is too high, chocolate can avoid hypoglycemia, provide a certain amount of heat. But there is no food schedule or food for everyone. Everyone needs to experience in practice and find out the most suitable food and time to eat.

[precautions before running]

1, 30 minutes before the game, drink some high concentration of glucose water (glucose is a monosaccharide, it can digest and absorb quickly and act directly on muscle), do not drink other beverages, thirsty can drink white water, do not eat any food within 30 minutes before competition. Remember!

2, you can't eat chocolate and other sweets on the day of the game, and the throat will stick when you eat it.

[running preparation activity]
Taiwan marathon red dress and beautiful women

time flies, 2015 is about to pass, review the year of the running events, there are touching, sad, and full of fun. Today, look back on the ten most interesting runners and things in 2015.

1, school forbids girls to participate in the race headmaster: running will lose the virginity
school principal Ara Omar Hallak
a school in Australia has issued a school rule that prohibits girls from participating in running competitions. The explanation given by the headmaster is that excessive running of girls may lead to losing their virgins. It is learnt that Omar Hallak, the principal of the school, is convinced that if a girl kicking her foot, it may lead to infertility, while excessive running is likely to lose her virginity.

2, the Bangkok half horse command error created "the longest half horse in the world"
in November 15th, in Bangkok, Thailand, half a marathon race, because of the staff's instructions wrong, it should have been 21.0975 kilometers. Finally, the runner had run 6.4 kilometers. A new record, "the longest half horse in the world", has been set up.

3, marathon cheating is the last kilometer "slip" into the track
Nairobi International Marathon, a 28 year old male athletes in the ancient Julius - en in the last 1 kilometers from the middle of the audience slip into the track, won the second. But after the game, he was stared by the referee as he was "not sweating," and was arrested by the police on suspicion of fraud.

4, girl running do not know the shoe inside the hide venomous snake jogging to die
was trampled to death of the snake
Australia is a 16 year old girl to go for a run, but in the process of running, she always felt something at the top of the shoe, although the process of running felt a little uncomfortable, but she did not pay attention to. Run home, the girl took off his shoes, check shoes, unexpectedly pulled a young tiger snake.

5, group sports weight loss 60 Jin by parents suspected drug running 25 laps clear white
Li Jun, 32, was a 32 - year-old Li Jun who was 1.73 meters tall and weighed more than 200 Jin. When he lost weight and returned home, his parents saw that he was tall and slender, but he thought he was thin because he took drugs. Unfortunately, when Li Jun was in front of his parents, he ran 25 circles in the playground, and his face remained unchanged.

6, Taiwan marathon red dress beauty with running friends to improve
accompany running girls
Keelung, Taiwan, held a marathon match yesterday. In order to give the contestants cheer, intimate organizers in the middle have a beauty for everyone refueling, and the beauty keep long hair shawl, wearing a red dress, dress and ghost Sadako > ten

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