"BenchFolks is not a Consulting Company nor a Training Company nor a H1B Sponsors"
About Us
Benchfolks.net is an IT based jobsite. It is a highly skilled and technically competent team energizing the job portfolio with unlimited options aimed at peak excellence in its endeavor. The core of its success lies in its dedication to bring about an overall change in the job scenario and to make the delivery of services more effective. It provides a one-stop shop for IT professionals, Companies/Clients and Vendors/Suppliers by catering to their employment needs. In simple terms, it is a special team with a mission potentially supported with hard work and sincere yearnings that carries its message beyond any limit.
Our Objectives
  • Give a firm assessment of the existing and opening job avenues to any requirement in the field.
  • Establishing interaction with clients, vendors and IT Professionals.
  • Play an active role in providing host of services related to all employment opportunities.
  • Offer best in the field in terms of skill, talent and experience and ensure the rewards are matching
  • Continue to review and make offers of upgraded and skilled players for clients and vendors and equally better opportunities for job aspirants
  • Sustain the efforts in a more healthier and competitive manner to pursue the vision wholesomely.

The services offered by Benchfolks.net are manifold. They cater to individual needs specially attuned to equations like professional standing in terms of qualification, level of expertise, experience gained, requirement of the industry etc.,

As an experienced IT professional, one can post his resume for either a contract/freelance opportunity or for a full-time permanent employment; a fresher/college grad can post his curriculum vitae for an internship or for an entry-level opening. Suppliers can market their available consultants by posting their hotlist online in benchfolks.net. Suppliers can also send a hotlist link powered by benchfolks.net to all their business associates.

Vendors can search for contract resources directly or get them through suppliers. The requirements a vendor posts can be made available either to the consultants or to the suppliers.

The future holds no bar for multi-various options for continuing the mainstay alive in healthier and yet competitive environment. The other scheduled tasks that has developed to be innovative and cutting edge are in the anvil and would reach to benefit the needy in this field any time now.